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Exorcism means in two ways. One is a practice to purify someone from sins and impurities committed without realizing them. The other is to ward off demons or other negative spiritual entities from a possessed person or a place.

Of course our sins and impurities are repented by atonement, in addition an act of exorcism purifies human bodies from them by praying.
For sensitive people, exorcism as a practice of warding off demons or other negative spiritual entities often have an effect only temporarily, so even if they are exorcised, such people will be possessed by such entities soon.
Therefore I recommend such sensitive people not rely on others to exorcise but to learn exorcise by themselves.

However, actually you cannot become strong only through exorcising evil entities. It is the most important for us to keep purifying ourselves as I mentioned before. Some misunderstand exorcising only means warding off evil entities, so I just want to say one thing.

The main purpose of exorcism is to rectify ones’s own conducts and thoughts, as well as to purify one’s sins and impurities. This is the true meaning of “purification”.

In addition, exorcism refers not only to body purification, but also “space purification” which exorcises evil entities in buildings, rooms and current spaces as well.

Before asking a consultation,

Even if you tackle with various troubles, nothing can work well unless your ancestors are calm.

Even if you are religious, ancestors cannot protect you if your body are possessed by them.

Some misunderstand that by haunting your body your ancestors protect you.

Of course ancestors want to protect you, but if they haunt living human bodies, they cannot protect descendants but trouble them.

Some say ”He is my dear grandfather, so it is no problem if I am possessed by him!”, and allow ancestors to be with you. But they should know their bodies are gradually damaged by him.

No matter how close relative they are, nothing positive will happen as long as their soul stay in this world after their death.

The first thing you should do is to calm them down, and let them get away from you.

Check up the following:

■Religions and persuasions by which your ancestors were buried
• Are there any ancestors who were buried in a grave of different religions from their own?

• Are there any ancestors with varied family names in the same grave?

• Have your ancestors changed their religion or persuasions?
■The way of conveying your gratitude or paying homage to your ancestors
• There are two kinds of influence, one is caused through bloodlines, the other is through family line.

• You could be influenced not only by your own relatives but also by your partner’s relatives because you have entered the partner’s family register.

• You might have paid homage to your partner’s ancestors completely, but neglected your own ancestors.

I will explain how to convey your gratitude specifically in the consultation.

Regarding with exorcism

Please consult a specialist if you feel something wrong.

I don’t think ordinary people can say if it is a devil or not. br>Many of demons and devil spirits you see on TV are originally human spirits, and I think most of them are different from real demons. Watching eyes of real demons we will often feel strangeness. There are other ways to distinguish them. Real demons are crafty, cunning and forceful. Of course they won’t be exorcised with ease. They won’t leave your body with being persuaded.

If exorcists can let a demon leave your body only with words, they must have extreme power and be fully protected. Even in that case, their words are different from persuasion.

Depending on the level of the demon, it takes time even for an advanced exorcist. A demon can manipulate the possessed person. In this case, the demon move the body with great force, so such measures is necessary as to press the body.

If you feel something wrong, I recommend you to consult a specialist anyway. Of course our company also provides an exorcise service, so don’t be afraid and feel free to ask.
The purpose of our company is to support salvation, healing and the growth of souls. We are not a religious corporation.
While keeping your faith and your way of paying homage to your ancestors, you can consult us regardless of whatever religion or denomination you believe in, or even irreligion.

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